Registered Miniature Llama Breeders


Tuckerwoods Farm

Tuckerwoods farm is located on 20 acres in a quiet section of central eastern Connecticut. Our llama herd includes both miniature and Argentine llamas, including a full Argentine mini stud. Over the past 5 years we have carefully selected our llamas with an emphasis on abundant fine fiber, correct conformation and friendly dispositions. We are striving for the perfect package; a mini heavy-wool Argentine llama with the Argentine's legendary mellow and friendly personality!

We started Tuckerwoods Farm with one of the first breeding programs of pygora goats in New England, we are continuing our commitment to luxury fibers and friendly animals with our wonderful beloved llamas. Our llamas have won many ribbons in fleece shows, including Best in Show Single Coat at the 2006 ALSA Grand Nationals.

For more information or inquiries please email , phone, or visit our website. We would love to introduce you to our amazing animals.

Kelly& Greg Radding - 860-228-1550


Windy Valley Llamas

When first becoming involved with llamas we asked ourselves, “Miniature or Standard, which way should we go?”  We decided both were right for us.  We love our standards and will always have a few but minis have dug deep into our hearts and are there to stay.  We enjoy our small herd, averaging around 20, and spend time with them every day.  Cria’s learn about halters and walking beside us on a loose lead even before they are weaned.  Pam works with them all trying to decide which have the right personalities for PR or obstacle and then starts training.  If you are looking for calm, trained family pets that are also show quality give us a call.  We are located in the North Georgia Mountains about 100 miles north of Atlanta and the same from Chattanooga, TN.

For more information or inquiries please email , phone, or visit our website. We would love to introduce you to our amazing animals.

Pam & Jerry Fink - 706-258-2432


Luminary minis

Located south east of Oskaloosa Iowa, our farm is named for the road on which we live. Caring for and taking pleasure and pride in our minis is a family pastime enjoyed equally by us and our five kids. These fascinating creatures really are the 'stars' in our lives and we thoroughly enjoy working with and giving our small herd of miniature llamas special attention everyday.  Our children spend a lot of time outside talking to and playing with our minis, and the llamas, ever curious and inquisitive, always seem to enjoy their company.

If you would like to spend some time with our minis (or the kids!), we promise that you will leave feeling that your day has been a little brighter.

Feel free to call - 641-295-2740 or email us to schedule a farm visit, best regards ....Merle & Tami Mann, Luminary Lane, Oskaloosa IA 52577


Royal Oak Miniature Llamas

Royal Oak Ranch is located just outside of Paris Kentucky, 15 miles north of Lexington.  We have been breeding miniature llamas for over 16 years.  Our herd consists of nearly 200 mini llamas and we always have an excellent selection of minis available for sale.  We not only breed for small size but also for excellent conformation, gentle nature and long soft silky fiber. We specialize in helping new buyers get started and are available 24-7 for consultation and support.


We welcome you to visit our website. Feel free to call (859 362 7687) or email for more information.  



Valley Miniature Llamas & Exotics

We at VALLEY MINIATURE LLAMAS & EXOTICS, located on 130+ acres in the “Bluegrass” region of Kentucky, are dedicated to raise quality miniature llamas with excellent conformation, fiber and wither heights that even exceed the AMLA standards with many in the 34” range!!!  ARGENTINE FRESCO POR FIN is our main man at 33”!!!  All our males are available for "OUTSIDE" BREEDINGS! Please visit our website to see photos and get information that will help you decide to join the MINIATURE MOVEMENT!!!  We love the MINIATURE LLAMA AND KNOW YOU WILL TOO!  “TINY TREASURES FOR FRIENDS AND FIBERS!”  Please feel free to call - 859-925-2242, or email at ANYTIME 24/7 for further information or concerns about the true MINIATURE LLAMA!!!  Thank you, John K. Babb


Blooming Valley Minis

At Blooming Valley Minis we are breeding multi-generation AMLA registered miniature llamas.  Our farm is located about 15 minutes from the Lake Michigan shoreline in the historic “Blooming Valley” region of Shelby, Michigan.  All of our minis receive personal attention everyday and we work with our babies right from birth.  Many of our miniature llamas are show ring winners.

For a visit to our farm or more information regarding our mini llamas, please e-mail, check out our website or give us a call.  We would love to share our passion for the miniature llama with you.

Julie Sines: 231-742-0931


Show-me State Mini Llamas

At Show Me State Mini Llamas we are committed to raising quality working llamas who will function as a multipurpose companion animal. We pack train our miniature llamas and patiently work with them almost every day. We are raising sound willing pets and we keep in mind that with our small llamas, confirmation always comes first.

As a fiber artist it is important for me to focus on fiber production for spinning. Llamas are selected for quality hand spinning fleeces and fiber samples are tested to evaluate micron counts and fiber consistency.

Visitors are welcome to come see our miniature working companion llamas.

Call or email Laura - 573-484-3768

North Carolina

Carolina mini llamas

Located in the mountains of Western North Carolina close to beautiful Lake Lure, we specialize in breeding miniature llamas and currently have a herd of 20 AMLA registered minis. Many of our herd are multi-generational minis and we are constantly evaluating and refining our breeding program to produce the most appealing llamas that are small, strong, healthy and 'nicely put together'. Our llamas get personal attention every day (spoiled?) and they are gentle, friendly and halter trained.

We welcome visits with prior notice and please feel free to email with any questions about our farm or about mini-llamas in general, or call Pete or Joyce Barber - 828-625-4132.

North Carolina

M&W Miniature Llama Farm


What a fascinating endeavor to get to be around miniature llamas.  We love giving one on one attention to all of our llamas and are breeding for excellence in quality and personality.  Our day is not complete without a llama hug.  M&W Miniature Llama farm is on the outskirts of Greensboro, North Carolina, located in the country community of Gibsonville.   Please visit our website at:



The Fuzzy Farm

High quality miniature llamas are not just a goal, they are a reality at the Fuzzy Farm, located in Gloucester, VA.  We have set high standards for ourselves as we are pursuing not only correct, good-natured, prize-winning miniatures, but we have also incorporated the fine fiber, strong bone structure and mellow dispositions of the rare and beautiful Argentines into our breeding program.  This results in a package that takes your breath away.  TFF SweetTime and her half brother TFF Toro’s Zorro, shown on the left are prime examples of what the right recipe creates.   We are a small farm with hands on interaction with each llama on a regular basis.  Our cria are desensitized from birth resulting in friendly but not aggressive socialization. 

 The Fuzzy Farm also produces high quality promotional goods, specializing in direct to garment printing and sublimation.   Web design and/or logo design is also offered.  Feel free to contact either Rich or Gayle to discuss your needs.  Farm visits are welcome by appointment.  Email  or Phone 804.815.6459

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