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Miniature Llama Breeders


Windy Valley Llamas

Windy Valley Llamas

When first becoming involved with llamas we asked ourselves, “Miniature or Standard, which way should we go?”  We decided both were right for us.  We love our standards and will always have a few but minis have dug deep into our hearts and are there to stay. 

We enjoy our small herd, averaging around 20, and spend time with them every day.  Cria’s learn about halters and walking beside us on a loose lead even before they are weaned.  Pam works with them all trying to decide which have the right personalities for PR or obstacle and then the training begins in earnest. 

If you are looking for calm, trained family pets that are also show quality Windy Valley Llamas has what you are looking for.  We are located in the North Georgia Mountains about 100 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia as well as Chattanooga, Tennessee.

For more information or inquiries please email , phone, or visit our web site. We would love to introduce you to our amazing animals.

Pam & Jerry Fink
Windy Valley Llamas


Little Llama Farm

The Little Llama Farm is centrally located and an easy access from any direction to Centralia, Illinois.

With my husband having background in competition horses and other livestock the transition to these lovable llamas was easy. Now we practice the 3 F’s: Fabulous Fiber! Fun Llamas! And Financially affordable!

Raising both miniatures and Argentines, we are proud of the brilliant colors and friendly personalities we get in our breeding program.

Come on over! Let’s rein in a deal!

Phyllis Wilkerson
Little Llama Farm


Valley Miniature Llamas & Exotics

Valley Miniature Llamas & Exotics

We at VALLEY MINIATURE LLAMAS & EXOTICS, located on 130+ acres in the “Bluegrass” region of Kentucky, are dedicated to raise quality miniature llamas with excellent conformation, fiber and wither heights that even exceed the AMLA standards with many in the 34” range!!! 

ARGENTINE FRESCO POR FIN is our main man at 33.5”!!!  All our males are available for "OUTSIDE" BREEDINGS!

Please visit our web site to see photos and get information that will help you decide to join the MINIATURE MOVEMENT!!!  We love the MINIATURE LLAMA AND KNOW YOU WILL TOO! 


All of the llamas at Valley Miniature Llamas are ILR and AMLA.

Proud member of the ILR., AMLA. and ALA.
John Babb
Valley Miniature Llamas


Blooming Valley Minis

Blooming Valley Minis

At Blooming Valley Minis we are breeding multi-generation AMLA registered miniature llamas.  Our farm is located about 15 minutes from the Lake Michigan shoreline in the historic “Blooming Valley” region of Shelby, Michigan. 

All of our minis receive personal attention everyday and we work with our babies right from birth.  Many of our miniature llamas are show ring winners.

For a visit to our farm or more information regarding our mini llamas, please email, check out our web site or give us a call.  We would love to share our passion for the miniature llama with you.

Julie Sines
Blooming Valley Minis


Gemini Mini Llamas

Gemini Mini Llamas
Gemini Mini Llamas focuses on breeding Minis, with an eye on improving conformation and fiber quality. We currently have 26 llamas. Some have argentine blood, some suri & some foundation bloodlines. We enjoy having a wide variety of minis for new llama owners to choose from.

Our animals get lots of hands on training, as we use them to teach the kids about llamas in our 4-H program, as we prepare each year for the local county fair. The kids work with the new crias each summer, so they are easy to handle, but still respectful of humans.

We also have fiber & roving from some of our best fiber animals for sale. Just call for availability & price!

We enjoy farm visits, so just call or email so we can give you a tour. For others too far away to visit in person, check out our web site & email for more details or current photos. We will be happy to assist your transporter to make sure your new llamas arrive safe & sound!
Sue & George Morgan
Gemini Mini Llamas


Breezy Acres Mini Llamas

Breezy Acres

Nestled on the Blue Ridge Mountains in the corner of southwest Virginia, Breezy Acres breeds multi- purpose mini llamas.

Just want to hug one ? They’re huggable ! Like to hike ? Take a mini pack llama !

Breezy Acres Mini’s are always in the ribbons for confirmation, fiber and performance. Our minis are used and sold for everything from backyard pets and guard animals to show and pack llamas.

Come out to our mountain and test-lead one today !


Breezy Acres

Darlene and Ken Awarski
(540) 808-8664
Breezy Acres Mini Llamas











AMLA member farms may appear on the Breeder's page for $50 a calendar year. Images and text should be sent to Pam Fink, AMLA Web Master, and checks should be made payable to AMLA and mailed to Darlene Awarski at:

AMLA Treasurer
5265 Norris Run Rd.
Blacksburg VA 24060

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