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How to Measure a Miniature Llama

One of the most accurate ways to measure a llama is to have your llama stand squarely on a level surface next to a wall.  Take a carpenter's level and lay it over the llama's back at the withers (on the shoulders just where the neck joins).  Let one end of the level touch the wall and get the bubble in the middle.  Then make a mark on the wall under the end of the level. Now you can move the llama out of the way and measure up the wall to the mark. This is a fairly simple way to measure your llamas.  If you wish to purchase a manufactured measuring stick, contact the AMLA at 406-755-3438 (International Lama Registry).

If you plan to show your minis you may wish to make a "mini show stick". This simple device will be used to measure minis at llama shows starting in 2009. A measuring device, such as a carpenters level, which uses a "bubble" is open to some interpretation by the measurer. The "mini show stick" doesn't measure the size of your mini, it simply confirms that he or she is 38 inches or less at the withers and therefore eligible to be shown in a miniature llama class. Simply put: the " mini show stick" removes any doubt as to whether your llama will qualify to be shown in a mini class.  If you construct a "mini show stick" and your llama fits under it at home, then it will fit under a "mini show stick" at the show grounds.

Where to Measure

How to make a "Mini Show Stick" for all ALSA shows

Purchase two 48 inch dry-wall squares - available at hardware stores. Line up the short edge of each drywall square and use duct-tape to hold them together.
Mark and cut with a hacksaw the long leg of each dry-wall square so each leg is exactly 38 inches long.
Now drill and permanently bolt together the top of the drywall squares making sure that the top line is completely straight.
Here's your finished "show stick". To check if your llama will qualify for mini classes: with the llama standing erect on a flat level surface, place the "bridge" over the llama at the withers, if both feet of the stick touch the ground, then your llama is 38 inches or less.

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